Past California-Shanghai Innovation Dialogues

Past California-Shanghai Innovation Dialogues

Launched in 2015, the California-Shanghai Innovation Dialogue is the preeminent bi-regional forum. Attracting leaders from industry, government, science and education sectors to the most dynamic innovation ecosystems in the world, the California-Shanghai Innovation Dialogue explores growth opportunities in each region in light of their distinct and parallel challenges.


Inaugural California-Shanghai Innovation Dialogue

Feb. 5-6, 2015 | UC San Diego

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For its inaugural forum, the California-Shanghai Innovation Dialogue gathered high-level business, political and academic leaders from California and Shanghai for influential conversations on topics crucial to the development of both regions. Participants will explore growth opportunities in light of each region’s innovation ecosystem alongside their distinct – and parallel – challenges.

California and Shanghai – including the surrounding Yangtze River Delta region – stand as leading regional innovation hubs. Each delivers strong value to their national economies. While the regions diverge in their models of innovation and stages of development, they offer crucial and complementary lessons. Importantly, California and Shanghai share concentrations of high-tech industries that face similar challenges, such as the optimal uptake of information technology and the rising demand for environmental innovation.

This year’s dialogue centered on three aspects of the California-Shanghai innovation relationship:

Innovation Ecosystems: Explore the innovation ecosystems of each region and in select industries. Specific areas include institutional design, regulations and identification of relationships and processes that are key to scaling up from R&D to commercialization.

Common Innovation Challenges and Solutions: Identify common innovation challenges facing California and Shanghai and understand current strategies for addressing core challenges. Establish bilateral relationships aimed at sharing information and using the experiences and best practices that each region has developed in pursuit of common solutions.

Lessons of Entrepreneurship: Companies and entrepreneurs from California and Shanghai share a wealth of experience in pursuing innovation. This conversation focused on lessons learned and how they may be applied across contexts. One goal was to identify how entrepreneurial networks can be developed through activities such as training programs and exchange visits.

The dialogue was cosponsored by Fudan University and UC San Diego. Closed to the public.