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Our People

The Center serves to connect all 10 campuses of the University of California system with Fudan University in Shanghai and is designed to bring together leading research scholars from both universities for conferences and lectures, and facilitate cooperative research. 

  • Richard Madsen, Director

    Richard Madsen, Director

    Richard Madsen is director of the Fudan-UC Center on Contemporary China and Distinguished Professor of Sociology at UC San Diego. He has been called “one of the modern-day founders of the study of Chinese religion.” He recently edited a volume entitled “The Sinicization of Chinese Religions: From Above and Below,” examining the meaning and practice of the ongoing campaign to “Sinicize'' religious organizations in China. Madsen is the author of 15 books on Chinese culture, U.S. society and U.S.-China relations.
  • Yuan Cheng, Managing Associate Director

    Yuan Cheng, Managing Associate Director

    Yuan Cheng is a professor at Fudan University's School of Social Development and Public Policy. His work is interdisciplinary in nature, working with scientists in the varied fields of demography, sociology, economics, ecology and public health. During the last three years, most of his applied work has been concerned with assessing the returns of climate change adaptation using nighttime lights and with the problem of uncertainty in long-term population/household structure change. View his Google Scholars Profile. 
  • Lei Guang, Associate Director

    Lei Guang, Associate Director

    Lei Guang is the So Family Executive Director of the 21st Century China Center at UC San Diego’s School of Global Policy and Strategy. He received his Ph.D. in political science from the University of Minnesota and is professor emeritus of political science at San Diego State University.
  • Harris Doshay, Assistant director

    Harris Doshay, Assistant director

    Harris Doshay serves as assistant director of research and writing in the 21st Century China Center at the UC San Diego School of Global Policy and Strategy. Doshay earned his Ph.D. in politics from Princeton University. His dissertation, based on a year of ethnographic field work in Chinese churches, focused on China's official Protestant Church and the ways in which individual believers experienced cooptation. Work stemming from this project has been published in Comparative Politics. He also taught writing and research skills in Princeton’s writing program.